Project Manager/Designer: Tamar Kisilevitz

Completion Date: APRIL 2007

Location: NoHo, NYC


The commercial / retail components are located on the cellar, first and second floors, supporting a hotel building flanked by the ten story residential tower above. Additional uses include large roof terraces for the guests and residents and generous corridors and lobbies for the hotel portion. The basic principles that informed the design for the Bowery Tower were: -The creation of a focal point for a prominent intersection along New York's famed Bowery. -Tying this relatively large building into the vibrant neighborhood that surrounds and supports it. -Providing a variety of open spaces that maximize panoramic views of New York City. -Floor layouts that maintain a level of control and direction for future growth.

Bronx Shopping Center

Project Manager/Designer: Mary Butterworth

Completion Date: 2007

Location: South Bronx, New york


Renovation of an existing retail complex, upgrading it for use by a wider range of tenants for longer periods of time.