49th Avenue

Project Manager/Designer: Robert M. Scarano Jr.

Completion Date: April 2000

Location: Long Island City, NY


This "boutique" office building located in Long Island City, New York, an area undergoing a rapid gentrification process due to ongoing redevelopment along the East River. The elements, consisting of indoor parking, conference rooms, offices and office support systems, have been arranged on this flag-shaped lot to take advantage of views onto the adjoining public park at the rear. The conceptual design process was drawn directly from the client's needs as a company specializing in securities consulting. The facade communicates this quality through the use of modern building technologies, such as a sloping glass curtain wall and a tiered synthetic stucco facade. The divided central glass wall, individual windows and stepping-back of the facade give the impression of a solid, grounded building, the use of these elements give a monumental scale to what is otherwise a minor building. The austere and simplified design helped to complete this 6,000 square foot building in less than 12 months, at a cost of $80/sf. Similarly inspired designs are beginning to be constructed in close proximity. As the neighborhood continues to develop, the building has contributed to the local community by stretching the boundaries of the typical brick office building. As one neighbor put it: "The building is private, but the facade is public".