Columbus Avenue

Project Manager/Designer: Robert M. Scarano Jr.

Completion Date: February 2003

Location: Upper West Side-Manhattan


Creating an interior that is noteworthy can be a daunting task. If you add into this the exterior dictates of the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission, you have a receipt for either a fabulous destination or a complete disaster. Luckily, the personalities of all those concerned melded together to crate the synergy of what is now "Martell's West Bar", a contemporary meeting place. This location was the third in a series of places designed by Scarano & Associates together with the owner. A distinctive interior marks the renovation, which striped clean the entire interior of deteriorated finishes. The ground level facade restored and replaced what were previously unauthorized alterations and signage, reuniting the entire ground floor of the existing building into a coherent base. The simple yet striking interior finishes welcome and support the patron's views of the space.

Willoughby Avenue

Project Manager/Designer: Alex Zhitnik

Completion Date: August 2003

Location: Williamsburg


This project is located in a commercial district at the intersection of Bedford and Willoughby Avenues in Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. The location of the project next to a gas station made the building visible from the intersection, this allowed the design to emphasize cantilevered elements above the entrance and glass turning the corner. The elevations created in the Bauhaus style give a clean look in contrast to the existing masonry homes in the neighborhood. The elevation, composed in relation to the existing setback of the neighboring building, continued the street wall context as a major element. At three stories with a mezzanine and roof terrace at the mezzanine level. The buildings scale is not readily apparent. The structure is of concrete masonry units for its perimeter walls and steel beams for the cantilevered portion on the street elevation. Floor assemblies of steel beams and concrete decks at the parking level and light gauge metal joists on the upper floors complete the structure. The program included a full cellar for storage, parking for the owner's trucks and personal vehicles and offices.