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An architectural practice is referred to as firm because that is what it must be – solid and stable; an anchoring agency for investors, homeowners and team professionals.

Several goal-oriented guidelines dictate the daily operations of Scarano Architect PLLC. These include the long-term goals for the firm’s development:

To produce successful buildings while maintaining well-informed clients and a thoroughly trained professional team

To serve as a model for architects striving to produce quality-based buildings in challenging environments

To advance the practice of architecture by encouraging young architects to embrace design and construction in their totality

To practice the social values of architecture by sharing knowledge and experience

In today’s reality, architectural creativity must be stretched into new territories, such as targeting challenging projects, approaching different types of clients, and maintaining past clients. However, architecture should be mostly about one thing: providing a service.

At times of economic hardship, as we have seen in recent years, this reality is put to the test. It takes more than several published projects to maintain a practice. It means keeping a flow of challenging and profitable projects, maintaining an inspired and energetic staff, targeting potential opportunities and maintaining client relations. All of these are key elements to the success of a firm.

Robert M. Scarano Jr. has built a successful practice by stretching the boundaries of the architect’s scope of involvement in seeing a project through to completion. Practiced in construction management, real estate law and real estate development, the staff approaches a job with both design and construction in mind, applying practical knowledge of the real-estate market and socio-environmental consequences.

Scarano ArchitectPLLC staff members practice and teach the art and science of design while innovatively using ordinary building materials, and conforming to strict budgets. Our award-winning projects rework ordinary building materials into structures of broad significance that enhance the quality of life for their inhabitants.New York Architects

Scarano Architect PLLC consists of an enthusiastic, productive staff focused on responsible design excellence. Robert M. Scarano Jr. encourages young architects to pursue their personal career aspirations, giving each a large degree of freedom in design. Fostering independence, while providing dedicated guidance, is the essence of his architectural philosophy.

The resulting unique buildings combine intelligent construction techniques and quality custom design.New York Architects

Inspired by Robert Scarano Jr.’s leadership through community involvement with countless non-profit organizations and community boards, Scarano Architect PLLC employees volunteer their time generously to architecture schools, award juries, community boards and local development efforts to advance the field of architecture through community outreach.


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