Master Planning

Master Planning

Kings Highway Beautification

Project Manager/Designer: Albert Faks

Completion Date: In Design

Location: Gravesend, Brooklyn


The retail corridor spans a five block retail corridor along Kings Highway, between Ocean Parkway and McDonald Avenue, and is located in the neighborhood in which Mr. Scarano was raised. For three generations Robert Scarano's family has been a part of this wonderful, global village of a community, so when some of his neighbors got together, reaching into their own pockets to improve the proverbial 'town square,' we joined them by donating our design expertise and project management services. The Scarano team, supervised by another longtime Gravesend neighbor, project manager Albert Faks, has completed many of the designs for the streetscape, which will include new sidewalks, new street furniture and classically-styled lamp posts, possibly with clocks. Sleekly modern waste receptacles have now replaced the old trash cans and already give the streets a more uniform appearance. In addition, plans are being submitted to the City for curbside planters, additional trees and, eventually, muni-meters to take the place of the rows of rag-tag parking meters that currently line the streets. A small mall at the crossroads of East Fourth and Fifth streets, featuring a colorful array of trees and flowers, was among the first projects completed last spring by the association. The addition of the mall has not only made a visual impact on the street, its location between the intersecting streets has resulted in eight more parking spaces for the area and an immediate boon to nearby businesses. Reflective of neighborhood, the local retail runs the gamut of Kosher shawarma restaurants and pizza parlors to fashion boutiques, pet stores and mom-and-pop groceries. The new plans also include public seating in strategic areas and tee guards to protect existing trees.