Master Planning

Master Planning

Camp Wildwood

Project Manager/Designer: Robert M. Scarano jr.

Completion Date: January 2004

Location: Albany, New York


Wildwood's master-plan for the design and construction of a summer camp for inner-city children in a quiet rural setting in upstate New York was a welcome departure from the standard work of our firm. With over twenty rolling acres, a stream and a lake, this picturesque setting makes for an ideal escape from the rigors of city life. The program consists of religious and gathering spaces, both out-door and indoor, dormitory accommodations, a cafeteria, dining room and sports facilities. Working with the site to create distinct zones, the design allows for the separation of uses while maintaining uniformity of places. Buildings designed for individual uses create a simple architectural statement that helps to unite the functions in a recognizable style and provide the sense of permanence sought by the institution.