Interior Design'

Interior Design'

York Street Studios

Project Manager/Designer: David Blaustein

Completion Date: November 2004

Location: DUMBO, Brooklyn


Like it’s exterior, the interiors challenge geometry, structure, scale and architectural standards. Dramatic features include a sloped ceiling, exposed structural elements and triple height ceilings. The space boasts stunning 360 degree views of Brooklyn and Manhattan. The plan is a completely open layout that captures the abundance of natural light and creates accessibility from all parts of the office. A sense of privacy is still maintained for individual workspaces through the selection of appropriate furniture and knee walls. The space evolved through the needs of the people who inhabit it daily, as tested over several years of occupying a crowded office. The new interiors enjoy a flexible arrangement, by which areas can be reused and redefined as needed, furniture removed, and workstations added without creating clutter or interfering with the visual uniformity of the space. At night the space transforms itself, as it overflows with soft hues from the LED lighting system projecting on the roof trusses and dotted along the lighted interior staircase. It becomes a space in which people can unwind at the end of a busy workday and take in the beauty of Brooklyn, the entirety of lower and mid Manhattan, the Rivers, and bridges.

1st Street

Project Manager/Designer: Ana Maria Bustamante Orrego

Completion Date: December 2004

Location: Park Slope


An up and coming Real Estate developer chose a quiet tree-lined block in historic Park Slope, Brooklyn, to raise his family. The design process consisted of creating a technologically modern dwelling in which all building systems were replaced, and most of the interior finishes had to be stripped and redone. With an addition in the rear for a cook's kitchen and the arrangement of rooms to complement the family's lifestyle, this project proved that old and new can coexist and that one can even complement the other, if done right.