Additions & Alterations

East 10th Street

Project Manager/Designer: Robert M. Scarano jr.

Completion Date: April 2002

Location: Greenwich Village-Manhattan


Building an addition on the roof of an existing building takes a certain degree of expertise and after dozens of successfully completed projects the formula for success becomes simple. The structure that is added must act in as much an codependent fashion as possible not relying on the existing. New steel joists span across the existing roof to support the new floor its roof and create a new outdoor roof terrace. Set back from the facade of the existing building beyond the sight lines of pedestrian traffic allowed the addition to be easily approved by the landmarks presentation commission without a public hearing. Simple design and elegant lines come together to create a modest addition deserving of the building it was placed on.

Henry Street

Project Manager/Designer: Mary Butterworth, LEED AP

Completion Date: March 2004

Location: Cobble Hill


The Reconstruction of this Italianate Row House dating back to 1852 presented an exercise in rehabilitation which had to satisfy the demands of the owner, the department of buildings and the landmarks preservation commission. Located in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn (one of the highest hills on Long Island) this multi-family building was in desperate need of a renovation. Most of the useful life of the major components had expired and in fact, the building was being warehoused for a future hospital site expansion. The owner, a prominent businessman and lover of antiquities helped spear head the creation of not only his families' duplex but six other rental apartments within the structure. Restoring its original appearance, maintaing many of the historic details and modernizing the building systems proved to be a successful combination that can be a model for renovation of similar sites.

East 51st Street

Project Manager/Designer: Robert M. Scarano jr.

Completion Date: April 2004

Location: Upper East Side - Manhattan


This project is a gut renovation and 1-1/2 story addition to an existing 4-story brownstone on Upper East Side NY. Our goal was to achieve the maximum amount of apartments without compromising about the space quality of the existing envelope. In order to take advantage of limited fenestration in the front and rear, the apartments are designed to have narrow entrance ways with a tight core of kitchens and bathrooms, which gradually opens up to capture as much light and air as possible. The double height ceiling in the third and fourth floors is made to create flexible loft spaces. The large mezzanines in these apartments can be used as bedrooms, which have their own private bathroom. Brick exposed walls and a special attention to interior details give the finishing touch to these unique Upper East Side living experiences.

Court Street

Project Manager/Designer: Alex Zhitnik

Completion Date: June 2001

Location: Carroll Gardens


This house is a prominent feature on a fringe block in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, where housing and commercial uses exist side by side as testament to a lifestyle which exists in New York City. The striking terracotta facade was carefully restored and preserved, and the addition on the second floor, in the rear, respects the sculptural nature of the building. In addition to creating the client's dream home, this renovation and addition has made a significant contribution in maintaining this picturesque block with its distinctive historic characteristics. It has resisted the local brick building, and while the house, gardens and interiors are concealed and private, the sculptural facade presents a public face for all to enjoy.