All about the Tiny House

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly heard about “tiny houses.” Basically, the tiny-house movement advocates for downsizing your living space, simplifying your life, and essentially “living with less.” With regular care and maintenance, a tiny house can last well over 30-50 years. Naturally, this will depend on the materials it’s built with and how it’s put together. Tiny homes on wheels tend to break down faster than those on a foundation. A tiny house is specifically defined as any home that falls under a maximum of 500 square feet. They can be built on either a mobile platform or a permanent house foundation. The typical cost for a tiny house is between $50,000.00 to $ 200,000.00, depending on the kinds of features and materials you’re looking to add to the home.

Tiny houses are becoming popular because they lend to affordability, efficiency, eco-friendliness, and minimalism. These were cited, in that order, as the four most attractive factors that the tiny home lifestyle has to offer. It comes as no surprise that the economic aspects of tiny home living were listed as 65% of those surveyed as the most enticing factor.

There are a few factors to consider before buying, moving, and living in a tiny house. Here are a few concerns to explore before making any decisions:

  • Choose a convenient location that is acceptable to regulations. Due to zoning regulations, full-time living in temporary housing structures are usually not permitted in many municipalities. Know before you go.
  • Research property costs and zoning regulations in your area. Permanent foundations for tiny houses bring with them their own set of difficulties. Typically zoning laws require a minimum size build for permanent structures which tiny homes rarely meet. Make sure you understand the local ordinances and regulations before settling on a tiny household.
  • Plan for extreme weather and its possible effects on your home. If you live in a high-risk area for severe weather, having a tiny home, especially one without a permanent foundation isn’t the safest option. Be sure to do your research and seek out a life in the many communities in non-hurricane zones
  • Think about plumbing and waste connections. Standard homes must meet certain regulations in order to be deemed safe enough to live in. The same goes for tiny homes. Typically they must include one full bath with a minimum ceiling height of 6 feet 4 inches
  • Building with security in mind as a tiny house is just as vulnerable. Alarm systems can add a monthly expense to your budget.
  • Know where you can park. Parking can be challenging as zoning regulations differ for tiny houses. Make sure you secure a parking spot for your vehicle.

One of the major positive factors in purchasing and living in a tiny house is you will save on energy costs. Since a tiny house takes up much less space, there is less surface area to heat or cool. As a result, you will save hundreds of dollars each year. For even greater savings and energy efficiency, you can buy a solar-powered home that is eco-friendly and will also reduce your carbon footprint.

The tiny house is actually part of a movement that is growing due to its architectural innovation, unique lifestyle philosophy, and the whimsy it embodies. Many tiny homes unlock a sense of dreaminess, much like cottage core which celebrates softness and simplicity. Most notably the tiny house community overlaps with minimalism and sustainable lifestyles which have dominated the social movement. With the need for fewer building materials, significant decreases in energy consumption, and small square footage, which can prevent overcrowding, tiny homes, present numerous benefits to the environment? It is no surprise that many of those seeking an eco-friendly lifestyle, have gravitated towards becoming tiny house owners. Keep in mind that Scarano Architect, PLLC is a leader in designing residential housing of all types. We can assist you in your quest for the design of the perfect tiny house or apartment complex that complies with all codes and zoning regulations. Give us a call and we can help you realize the tiny house of your dreams.


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