535 Grand Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

This week’s Throwback Thursday highlighted the property located at 535 Grand Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. This job was another build-up. Originally built in 1920 with 3 stories consisting of 2 units, it was ultimately transformed into a 6-floor building with 10 units. The building was originally used as a dry goods store in operation from 1920 until 1976. When the property was purchased to rebuild the area, the public was getting used to seeing these tall units all over town. The look of Williamsburg was changing, and most people felt it was for the better. These trendy areas that were once undesirable were now in high demand. Young people from all over the country made their way here. They also stopped at Fort Greene, Crown Heights, DUMBO, Greenpoint, to name a few. The entire borough of Brooklyn was changing. Some areas that at one time were dangerous to live in are were now becoming highly sought after. These once desolate, unlivable areas were now the trendiest, hippest places one could live.

Scarano Architect, PLLC played a major role in this transformation. Robert Scarano was one of the first architects who fought for the revitalization of these areas. When many of the people who lived in the areas did not want change in their neighborhoods (even though they desperately needed it), Robert worked tirelessly to create his vision of a clean, appealing neighborhood that would attract people to live there. He was right because almost immediately they began to come. Robert Scarano was in part responsible for the mass migration into Brooklyn. It was an amazing feat that will go down in history. We are very proud of him and his many accomplishments.

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