What to Expect During a Renovation

At this time of year, homeowners frequently decide to renovate their homes. Renovating a home is a significant undertaking, and understanding what to expect can help make the process smoother. Here are some key aspects to consider during a home renovation:

1. Stick to Your Plan and Organize:

    • Before starting, set clear goals for your renovation (e.g., increasing home value or creating your dream Space).
    • Stay organized throughout the process.
    • Prepare for new living arrangements if you are staying in the home during the renovation.
    • Communicate frequently with your architect and contractors.
    • Keep important documents handy, including contracts, receipts, and construction agreements.

2. Set Your Budget and Track Expenses:    

    • Be realistic about what you can afford.
    • Anticipate unexpected expenses (plan for about 20% extra).
    • Visit department stores to gauge item prices.

3. Prepare for Disruptions:

    • Your daily routine will be affected.
    • Expect dust and mess.
    • Pack up valuables and remove rugs, curtains, and furniture.
    • Consider alternative living arrangements if needed. 

 4. Hire the Right Team:

    • Choose dependable contractors and professionals.
    • Research and verify their credentials.
    • Regularly communicate with them during the renovation.

 5. Follow the Remodel Steps: 

    • Understand the sequence of work (e.g., demolition, structural changes, finishes).
    • Coordinate with contractors and subcontractors.
    • Regular site visits are essential during the construction phase.

 6. Expect Delays: 

    • Unforeseen challenges can cause project delays.
    • Stay patient and flexible.
    • Communicate openly with your team.

7. Stay Positive:

    • Renovations can be stressful, but maintaining a cheerful outlook helps.
    • Remember that perfection is elusive; focus on progress and improvements.

It is important to remember that each renovation is unique, so adapting these guidelines to your specific project will help you understand what you can expect during your renovation. It is also prudent to begin preparing for an architectural renovation. There are several essential steps to ensure you have a smooth process. Whether you are updating your home, office, or any other space, here are some key actions to take:

    1. Define Your Renovation Goals: Before you start any renovation, have a clear and realistic idea of what you hope to achieve. Consider the purpose of the renovation, whether it is improving functionality, aesthetics, or both.
    2. Establish a Budget: Renovations can be expensive, so it is crucial to establish a budget and stick to it. Allocate funds for various aspects, including design, materials, labor, and unexpected guests.
    3. Research and Hire a Reputable Architect or Builder: Collaborate with professionals who understand your vision and can guide you through the process. Architects and builders play a crucial role in planning, design, and execution.
    4. Choose Materials and Design: Select materials, finishes, and design elements that align with your vision. Consider durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Consult with experts to make informed decisions.
    5. Prepare Your Space:
      • Clear Out Rooms: Remove furniture, belongings, and clutter from the renovation area. Create a clean slate for the work to begin.
      • Move Living and Working Areas: If possible, relocate living and working spaces away from the renovation zone to minimize disruptions.
      • Project Fragile Items: Safeguard delicate items by moving them to a safe place.
      • Cover Floors and Furniture: Use protective coverings to prevent damage to floors and furniture during construction.

           6. Embrace Chaos and Set Realistic Expectations:

      • Understand that renovations can be disruptive. Get comfortable with feeling out of sorts due to changes in routine, lack of privacy, and dust.
      • Allocate a portion of your budget (15-25%) for unexpected issues.
      • Set up regular check-in meetings with your design team to stay informed about progress and upcoming changes.

Successful renovations start out with a well-thought-out plan. Knowing what to expect and being prepared can point you toward a positive outcome. Spend time collaborating with your architect so you can make informed decisions. The result will be your home’s transformation. At Scarano Architect PLLC we would be happy to help you with your renovation. Please visit our website where you can see some of our award-winning designs. Feel free to contact us at 718-222-0322.

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