Quality Housing Program
Quality Housing Program, Brooklyn Architect
Quality Housing Program, Brooklyn Architect
Quality Housing Program, Brooklyn Architect

Bridge Street

Project Manager/Designer
Eugene Drubestskoy
Completion Date
December 2002
Dumbo, Brooklyn
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This converted factory building houses 37 loft-style-apartments, commercial gallery spaces, and enclosed parking on six floors. These features are contained within 40.000 square feet, making this a diverse and truly mixed-use development.

By stretching the conceptual boundaries of the up and coming DUMBO Community three blocks east, this two story addition of a creation of this vacant factory building provided a platform for buyers to obtain loft-style living at a modest prices. Dubbed the “poor man’s lofts”, this building sold out all units in four weeks.

The juxtaposition of new and old marks a crossroads in development in the area. The addition to the building marries old and new; new interior and exterior bearing walls, supported by the existing brick walls made the project economically feasible.

This alteration constructed in strict conformance with the New York City Quality Housing Program. Afforded the residents many amenities not found in other buildings.

A distinctive development, which provides both environmental sensitivity through adaptive reuse and energy conservation through creative insulation and ventilation systems, makes this project a success to everyone associated with it.