Building Infrastructure
Additions & Alterations A Robert Scarano
Project Manager/Designer
Robert M. Scarano jr.
Completion Date
May 2005
Park Slope

Keeping this neighborhood strong and vibrant is not only the strong school system but also the Landmarks of large sections of the neighborhood.

This particular building also falls within the Historic District, meaning that all exterior features are protected from change unless a “Certificate of Appropriateness” is issued. The front facade of the building is being maintained (with the exception of the excavation of the front yard) to permit additional light and air to enter the lower level of the basement duplex unit & building infrastructure.

The rear facade, however, will have the existing one-story addition expanded to two additional levels and the fenestration altered to permit larger windows to capture the views on the upper levels to Manhattan.

The entire interiors will be gutted to allow floor plans to be reconfigured, splitting floors into smaller one-bedroom units above the second floor. The incorporation of individual heating and cooling units for each apartment and the modernization of the entire building infrastructure ensures the marketability of the units as modern apartments.

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