Amazing Facts About Architecture

Architecture is one of the most interesting professions to consider when making a career choice. Its primary purpose is providing shelter. In modern times man saw the need to have a personal building as a necessity and pushed the demand for an architect to a higher level. With this greater need, a flurry of building and design began. Here are a few interesting facts about Architecture that you probably were not aware of.

  • Architecture Was Once an Olympic Sport.

During the first four decades of the modern Olympic Games, 151 medals were awarded for artistic endeavors which included “architecture.” Baron Pierre de Coubertin revived the modern Olympic games and founded the International Olympic Committee. He considered art an essential part of the competition but every entry had to be sports-related.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Son Invented Lincoln Logs.

Not all iconic Lloyd Wright designs can be attributed to Frank.  Lincoln Logs were created by John Lloyd Wright, son of the legendary architect. Also an architect, John was inspired by the interlocking beams of the foundation below Lloyd Wright Senior’s Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. His fascination led to the creation of the popular children’s toy blocks.

  • LEGO Used to Make Special Bricks for Architects.

Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, son of the LEGO founder, tried to make a Lego model of the house he was building but it didn’t come out to scale. The reason was due to Lego bricks having a 5:6 width-to-height ratio. This problem led to the creation of Modulex in 1963, a much smaller brick that was based on perfect cubes. Unfortunately, the bricks were discontinued in the 1970s due to a lack of sales.

  • “The Sims” Was Originally Designed as an Architecture Simulator

The Sims, which debuted in 2000, is one of the most popular video games today. Before it became a life simulator, the original concept had the game working more like SimCity. SimCity is an open-ended city-building video game series originally designed by Will Wright.  The players would design a house, and autonomous characters would test the design’s success. 

  • The Empire State Building Fact

The Empire State Building generates more revenue from its Observation Deck than from its 85 floors of office space. The most famous office landlord in the world it’s the view from the 102-story skyscraper is the real moneymaker. In 2013, the building’s owner Empire State Realty Trust became a publicly traded company, meaning that their quarterly and yearly earnings reports are a matter of public record. In 2014, while the building’s two observation decks generated $111 million (40% of total revenue); its office space leases netted just $104 million (37% of total revenue).

As you can see, Architecture astounds in many ways. Why don’t you read more about it? You will be “amazed” at what you find!

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