Alternative Housing

An alternative house is a domicile structure built or designed outside of the mainstream norm. We would consider townhomes, single-family homes, and apartment complexes to be mainstream homes. Today, alternative housing can take the form of tiny houses, dome houses, tree houses, factories, and even up-cycled buses. The motivation to create alternative homes can arise from a lack of financial resources needed to buy a typical home. This situation necessitates the repurposing of shacks, shantytowns, and even tent-like structures.

In today’s market, it is not always affordable to live in a large, traditional house. The prices have skyrocketed and monthly upkeep is expensive. People are looking for other types of housing ideas that will fulfill their dreams of homeownership. Looking for alternate housing is a step in the right direction. Traditional housing can be very common and mundane to live in. As humans, we crave novelty and uniqueness in our lives. Thankfully, the world is filled with some amazing and affordable housing alternative solutions for you to consider. Here are a few:

  1. Pallet Home- Pallets have found many uses in the past few years. It turns out you can actually make a home out of them. It is not going to be fancy but it is definitely something you can make for cheap and easily make it look unique. Power it up with solar panels to be cost-effective too.
  2. An Outbuilding- There are companies that will make a pre-fab house for you for as little as $ 10,000.00. These cabins come with a porch, beautiful windows, and wall décor. You can modify your selections and upgrade your house.
  3. A Fixer Upper- Buying a property that is dilapidated is an option that is available. Since the cost of real estate is so high, the chances of the current generation buying prime property are slim. Plus the insurmountable debt looms over your head for many years to come. Buying a fixer-upper may be just the solution for you.
  4. Manufactured Home- If you want the experience of owning a big home but you want to save both time and money, a manufactured house is a good idea. Since it is not built from scratch it will cost considerably less. It also gives you the option to select the exact amount of space you actually need to live in so you can choose the right house for you. You are not building from scratch so the cost of labor and materials are not relevant here.
  5. Living in an RV-if you are an adventurer at heart and like to live on the go this may be the right fit for you. If you get bored living in the same place and seeing the same things every day RV living has many appealing features. Taking your home wherever you go is a great thing, no matter where you are, your home is with you! RV homes are very comfortable and can be renovated for a far lower price than a house. You can do everything in an RV that you can do in a house but you get to travel too!
  6. A Silo as a Home- a silo is a structure that is used to store agricultural produce. The fact that it is round makes it very unique. This type of home lends a unique perspective. No extreme corners can be very soothing. You are essentially decorating a house with a round wall that does not end. This creates equal space everywhere. How many partitions you decide to install is all up to you. There is so much you can do with this space. The exterior can also be painted and even resurfaced to your liking. A truly unique living space.

These alternative living spaces offer unique options for you to live in. The traditional housing unit is no longer your only choice. With the ever-increasing price of real estate, alternative housing can be a lifesaver for those with limited funding. What other types of unusual housing can you think of? The possibilities are endless!!

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