Adding a Game Room to your Home

Have you always wanted a game room in your home? The concept may not be out of your reach. Game room additions typically cost between as little as $3,000.00 up to and over $30,000.00. The average cost is roughly $18,000.00. It is good to keep in mind that the expense of installing a game room varies widely and depends on whether you use an existing finished or unfinished space, or build a new addition for the room.

Many adults are obsessed with playing video games and can spend many hours doing so. Others may enjoy a game of billiards or darts. Card games played in groups, such as poker or gin rummy, are also very popular. Board games have also risen in attractiveness since the beginning of the pandemic. It is not unusual to want a space dedicated to your favorite pastime. A game room serves as a dedicated space for playing games, relaxing and entertaining guests. If this sounds appealing to you, consider converting your extra space into a game room.

Here are a few ideas of what you can put in a game room:

  1. Pool table, dartboard, or shuffleboard.
  2. Air Hockey, sports-themed games.
  3. Full-sized floor Games.
  4. Card table.
  5. Jukebox and/or music source.
  6. A video game set up.
  7. Escape Room puzzles.
  8. Furniture and decorations.
  9. Refrigerator or snack stand.

Creating your own personal game room starts with picking a theme. Do you want a versatile game room or one specifically designed for your favorite gaming interests? If you love sports you can design your own sports-themed room. Are you obsessed with nostalgia? Create an old-school arcade room. A jukebox with a variety of old-school video games will complete the look. The most popular type of game room today consists of a regulation-sized pool table and card table set. Many of these rooms also are home to a bar. Remember, you can set up your room any way you like.

Getting back to a game room set up for video play. The room should fill an area that is at least 8sq.ft and can host a modest-sized game table set. More comfortable dimensions and larger scale furnishings may need an area that is 10-12 sq. ft. For a complete set up you need to begin with a comfortable gaming chair. Since you will spend many hours sitting it is vital to get a suitable chair. Next up is the desk where everything apart from the chair is likely to be situated on and around. Purchase a monitor, keyboard, mouse, controller, and headset to complete the package.  Wall mounting the TV is a good idea. A comfortable sofa or a few bean bags chairs are fun additions.

It is important to make your game room set up look its best. The single most important factor in a game room is the correct lighting. An ideal game room has plenty of space for its occupants to move around. Regardless of your limited space, you can create a room that is inviting. Lightly toned flooring can be used creatively to reflect surfaces making a tight space feel larger than it is. If you’re designing a game room for the kids or the whole family don’t go monochromatic. Using bright colors or striking accent colors gives the room some energy; think red, green, black, or purple for dramatic color. You may even consider painting a scene from one of your favorite games or characters. The possibilities are endless!

Finally, some pro tips to make your gaming room set up look its best. Try to keep your setup clean by hiding all unsightly cables. Install decorative lighting and stick to a color scheme, and add posters or plants for a homier feeling. Creating your ideal game room now will ensure that you will have hours of fun in the future.

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