The Henry Norman Hotel

This week’s edition of “Throwback Thursday” on Facebook highlighted 233 Norman Avene, Brooklyn; The Henry Norman Hotel. This 4-story building was built in 1931 with 58 units. This tired building was completely revamped in 2013. The plans were in the works since 2006 and they were being altered and changed until they finally were approved by the city in 2103. Once home to a 19th-century textile warehouse, the elements of this industrial building were used to give this hotel a unique look.

The hotel welcomes its guests with industrial chic interiors and 50 loft-style, generously sized and light-filled rooms. Its interiors are adorned with vintage furnishings, found objects, and work by local objects. There are outdoor terraces for alfresco dining and cozy indoor living room space located on the ground floor of the property. This stylish hotel became an instant hit in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. As these neighborhoods became more and more popular, Scarano Architect PLLC would often be called upon to design a new building in the area. At this point in time, the office was extremely busy, and they needed to make room for more employees needed to help with the tremendous amount of work they needed to get done. Robert Scarano was now known as the architect who was changing the look of the city. Every week

I highlight a project that was completed by Scarano Architect, PLLC. Each one was a successful, transformation that added a new dimension to the city.

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