Working Smart with Your Architect

How can I effectively work with my Smart Architect to create a great design that is also on a budget? The easy answer is to do your homework! The number one complaint clients have about their experience working with an Architect is the failure to communicate effectively regarding costs and fees. The following suggestions will help you to achieve your goals in a cost-effective and successful manner.

  • Consult online budget tools and cost guides. This will give you some ideas about how much your project should cost.
  • Ensure your budget is discussed thoroughly and is included in your signed agreement.
  • Keep a contingency in your budget for unexpected changes on your job usually 10-15% of the total cost.
  • Always keep communication open and honest. Any great relationship is built on trust.
  • Get cost estimates at each phase of your project. Doing this will help to keep you on track and within your budget.

It is especially important to listen to your Architect and their advice when making design choices. Architects are well-trained, highly competent designers. They are professionals and have most likely encountered your situation and managed it successfully. Smart Architect

Understand the impact of the design choices you make. Be flexible. If you have your heart set on a particular design choice, that choice may push you over your budget. Remember that all of those extras will add up. Your objective is to work smart which includes staying within your budget. A contingency account will help with the little extras but the overall costs should always be within your reach.  Based on a professional code of conduct, a registered architect has to deliver professional services. One part of the NSW Code of Conduct identifies an architect’s responsibility as “An architect should advise a client on the likelihood of achieving the client’s stated objectives having regard to the client’s stated budget and time requirements for the architectural service concerned. This requirement also arises as part of an architect’s duty to comply with their professional obligations to their client.”
As stated above it is the duty of the Architect to help you achieve your goals, in a timely fashion, within your budget. If you do your homework and work together, you can be assured to realize your dream design.

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