Interior Design Trends

Due to the pandemic, more people have been spending time at home. Naturally, this makes the appearance and comfort of your living space a top priority. Designing a trendy interior can add new life to your existing space. Now it’s time to Interior Design Trends.

Here are some of the newest trends in interior design you may want to try in your home:

  • Tile, plaster, rattan, and living walls of plants are replacing the once-popular shiplap look.
  • Bold color selections will make a comeback as white will fade in popularity. Combine different light, colored patterns, and textures for a more natural look.
  • Pocket Doors and Classic French Doors will replace Barn Doors.
  • Non-matching pieces of furniture will replace matching sets.
  • The “Grandmillenial” trend will rise. This style is meant to evoke comfort, nostalgia, and tradition. 
  • Peel and Stick Wallpaper. Self-adhesive, removable wallpaper is a low commitment way to upgrade your living space. 
  • Kitchen designers will swap smooth, uniform backsplashes for colorful, handcrafted ceramic tiling.
  • The industrial interior style will trend. This style can incorporate elements such as exposed stonework, high ceilings, wood and metal elements, and neutral colors.
  • Rattan and wicker details are in. These natural materials add warmth and light to home décor.
  • Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon, and rayon will be replaced by natural and recycled textiles.
  • Plaster walls will be making a comeback. Designers are attracted by its depth and texture.

With the growing awareness of environmental issues, the trend toward more sustainable materials and natural fabrics in the home will grow. Bringing the “outdoors in and the indoors out” will be the new norm.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, many homeowners have begun to work from home and it has become a space that is used almost continually day and night.  People are reconnecting with their homes on many levels. The days are gone when your home was just a small part of your life.  No longer is the tired commuter easing into his recliner after a long day at the office. For many the home is no longer just a rest stop, it’s now a multifunctional dwelling with 24/7 living requirements.

We are now noticing the smallest details that were once overlooked due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our interiors will be designed to complement new working arrangements. Home offices may include a mini-gym, coffee station, and even sleeping and/or reading nook. Modern home décor will encompass all of the comfort and ease we need to function in these ever-changing times. Keep an eye out for the newest design trends. Make lists of those you may want to incorporate into your own home. Remember, we are ever-evolving and no place is it more evident than in our living spaces. Your home is a work in progress, it should grow and transform as you do. Whatever design decisions you decide to make, take the time to invest in your surroundings. You will be glad that you did.

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