A Spaceship Hut in the Forest

Every child dreams of having a treehouse in the forest where they can retreat, play in, and make memories. Polestar, the automaker behind electric vehicles that are said to rival Tesla, has revealed such a treehouse and they call it “Koja.” This minimalistic, futuristic building is created out of sustainable materials, and it is situated in the middle of the Finnish forest. Visiting Koja is “an immersive nature experience.”

Having a treehouse in the middle of a forest full of trees may be an ideal scenario for those who are adventurous and yearn for peace and quiet. If you love nature but really do not want to be in the middle of it, this enclosed space is the next best thing. Having a futuristic-looking, but the sustainable structure is something that may appeal to many nature lovers.

The site was originally imagined as the answer to the brand’s 2021 contest theme of progress. Architect Kristian Talvitie received an honorable mention in the contest. Later, he was told his design would come to life as part of the Fiskars Village Art and Design Biennale. It is part of the “House by an Architect” exhibition running from May through September 2022.

The name “Koja” comes from the Swedish for hut or den, and the idea is for it to be a low-impact cabin in the woods. Polestar is showing off a vision for the future of sustainable vacationing with “Koja,” a tree house that allows people to connect with nature more easily.

Having a panoramic, glazed glass façade, if you are in the treehouse, you will have an unimpeded view of your natural surroundings. The location of the treehouse mounting, which is up on a tree trunk just below the canopy, ensures spectacular views. Polestar calls it a “rich, immersive experience” that also plays into the rising trend of micro spaces. Because of its compact dimensions, it can be set up closer to urban centers than a summer house or cottage. This means that visitors do not need to travel as far to commune with nature, therefore using fewer of the earth’s natural resources. It also makes it more accessible to EVs.

Basically, Koja looks like a treehouse. It is described as a “spaceship in the forest” with only a miniature space to fit two people. The hut hangs nineteen feet off the ground on a tree. It is reinforced with an iron frame to make sure you safely adhere to the tree. Koja has a small, u-shaped room that looks like a viewing deck for the forest. Outdoors there is a bathroom. The room has a continuous sofa that can be used as a table or a bed. Not only is the hut minimalistic looking, but what’s inside is stark and bare. The forest you are viewing is your “decoration.”  Koja is minimalist but occupants get to immerse themselves in nature while still enjoying the safety and comfort of an enclosed space.

Koja is the first submission to the design contest to ever be realized in full scale. The contest seeks to find innovative ways to tackle the climate crisis and to mine those designs with greener ideas. At Scarano Architect we are always seeking new ways to promote environmental awareness. We set the bar with our “Bright and Green” building in Brighton Beach, New York. Check our website to see what we have to offer.


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