Stop & Stor facility located at 1632 Richmond Terrace in Staten Island, New York.

This week our “Throwback Thursday” highlighted the Stop & Stor facility located at 1632 Richmond Terrace in Staten Island, New York. Scarano Architect was hired to build this store at the above-referenced location. Stop & Story is a family-owned business with over 70 employees, and almost 20 locations, all anchored on Staten Island through its corporate offices located in Willowbrook.

Today many families find it necessary to rent a storage unit to help them store their belongings that they cannot fit in their homes. They also provide a service to those who feel it is more cost-effective to rent a storage unit to hold inventory than to rent a store.  Anyone relocating, traveling, or boarding needs the services of a Storage facility.

This Stop & store was constructed in 2010. Building and erecting a large building in a neighborhood setting proved challenging. Most of Staten Island consists of tree-lined residential streets. There are some industrial areas, but the island is mostly suburban living.

Now that the housing boom in Brooklyn has slowed down, jobs in other boroughs were at a premium. This Stop & Stor was a perfect fit for Scarano Architect, PLLC. They had extensive experience erecting large-scale buildings and were used to those projects that may cause challenges. Robert Scarano designed a striking building with an enormous red corner piece and gray building materials, completely landscaped. It was not a cookie-cutter Stop & Stor. It was a well-designed building that added to the neighborhood. Now the firm was branching out into franchising projects. This job was admired by all who saw it and it turned out on time. Another great experience for Scarano Architect, PLLC, and their clients. A job well done.

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