Private Residences

Crescent Street

Project Manager/Designer: Cesar Malagon

Completion Date: June 2005

Location: Kew Gardens Hills


The design of this large single family homeconstituted the combinination of two adjacent sites into one by demolishing a portion of the two existing homes and then creating an 8,000 square foot house in this predominately built-up neighborhood of Middle Village Gardens in Queens. The client's approach to their dream house was that it must be simple, elegant and tasteful, and accommodate their large family and frequently entertaining needs. The solution was a house with distinctive private and public areas that separate their social and business lives from their family life. The basement accommodates their home business of physical training, services and living quarters. The first floor is divided in two areas: the front part has the living and dinning room, which open up to eachother to create one big space. The rear portion contains a large entertaining kitchen and family room. Both areas are divided by an atrium with a grand staircase connecting to the second floor. The upper floor bedrooms are arranged around the atrium, establishing a distinctive strong center for the house. The impact of this size of house in a quiet neighborhood had to be carefully planned to prevent an overwhelming affect on surrounding homes. While volumes on the facade were pushed back, excavation and infill help to break the facade into two sections, creating a smooth visual transition between buildings. The traditional character, along with the use of brick and stone, helps to place the house in the context of the neighborhood. With careful consideration of the site conditions and the needs of the clients, the house became and elegant addition to a rather simple neighborhood. Well proportioned windows, volumes and the use of existing materials resulted in a house inspired by the mansions that were distinctive of old New York, but with the amenities and simplicity of the 21st century.