Master Planning

Master Planning

Commercial Complex

Project Manager/Designer: Stephen Conte

Completion Date: N.A

Location: Brooklyn Navy Yard area


Bringing life to a desolate industrial block is always a challege. The conceptual urban masterplan for this large parcel constitutes the feasibility study for the modernization and re-use of an entire industrial block on the industrial outskirts of the historical Clinton Hill neighborhood and in close proximity to the Brooklyn Navy Yard as a commercial complex by examining the physical and financial possibilities of converting multiple abandoned warehouses into a unified mixed-use complex of commercial, industrial, storage and public facilities. The concept for this project, because of the massive scale and impact, was to create a linear promenade that could visually unify hall from Flushing avenue to Park Avenue, and conceptually relate it to the lively, booming myrtle avenue. This allows for the flow of pedestrians along a safe route to the once desolate area. the incorporation of a major bank and retail venues will also encourage the migration of more residents to this area, further transforming the neighborhood, while keeping true to its industrial roots.