Master Planning

Master Planning

Up! D O W N*-t o w n ....

Project Manager/Designer: Alex Zhitnik, RA

Completion Date: In Design

Location: Stuyvesant Village, NYC


Existing buildings remain, as new flexible spaces are carved out, forming hierarchy with a base of new residential units, commercial and community spaces, existing residential units in the center, and new residences at the top. The building’s footprint features flexible spaces: inward facing amenities and residential uses, and street facing commercialcommunity spaces. A layering method of design ‘detaches’ the structures to create over 100 acres of open green space at various levels, generating new streetscapes and income, and serving as community spaces that offer interaction opportunities within the complex and with the city. The strategically skewed, “floating" residential units on the top unify the site, creating visual fluidity throughout while maximizing light, air and views. A variety of glass patterns skins these structures, mirroring the sky and East River landscape.