Master Planning

Master Planning

Loop-D-Loop Pavilion

Project Manager/Designer: Alex Zhitnik, RA, Tamar Kisilevitz

Completion Date: 2006

Location: Coney Island


LOOP-D-LOOP pavilion serves as a springboard to further development in the Coney Island area of Brooklyn. Whether entering at grade or at the boardwalk level, visitors to this miniature oasis will be treated to the first drop of the cyclone. The rebirth of Coney Island is reflected in the journey into the sky from ground level. LOOP-D-LOOP pavilion embodies the freedom of spirit that Coney Island represented at the turn of the last century for inner city residents. The pavilion is a pedestrian attraction that can be walked through, therefore all surfaces serve as extensions of the already existing linear boardwalk and they are all accessible to pedestrians, as the site is gradually revealed through physical ascension. The building's spiraling motion, which is enhanced by children running through it, creates a theatre of interaction through its use alone. A race to the top of the building rewards the winner with an unobstructed view of the ocean, a seat from which to watch a game, a waiting area for a rider on the jump or a respite from a hectic day at the park. The most important fact to remember is that Coney Island has the power to temporarily transform anyone into a child again.