Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions

99 Gold Street Condominium

Project Manager/Designer: David Blaustein

Completion Date: June 2007

Location: Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn


Vinegar Hill is a historic Brooklyn neighborhood adjacent to D.U.M.B.O (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). It is the only neighborhood in northwest Brooklyn that maintains its early 1900’s old world style in a charming five block square, just east of the Manhattan Bridge anchorage. 99Gold is a renewal pioneer in the area’s industrial landscape. The upscale 88-unit loft conversion offers the latest trend in stylish city living, redefining the 19th-century concrete and block building, originally designed to house and supply New York’s souvenir market. The floor plan for this rectangular concrete structure was rotated on a carefully calculated angle, which allows for Manhattan views from each and every apartment, without creating awkward unusable spaces within. All apartments, ranging from 600 square foot studios to 2,000 square foot penthouses, enjoy high ceilings, floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall windows and balconies. When viewed from across the East River, the building seems like a cruise ship floating on the water. A penthouse addition and recreational roof deck, along with extensive glazing and bright white exteriors, complete the building’s nautical atmosphere. As a result of this project and others that are following in its footsteps, the district has been transformed into the ideal neighborhood for successful artists and professionals with a taste for sophisticated urban living; it provides another link in connecting Brooklyn’s downtown neighborhoods.