Trending Christmas Designs

The traditions of Christmas mean different things to different people. Learning a few designing tips from architects can help you create an unforgettable holiday display. Whether you are decorating an urban space, a country cabin, an industrial apartment, or a conventional house, there are many ways you can bring Christmas into your home.

Here are a few styles of Christmas design trending now:

  • Gold accents and rustic style– mixing the warmth of wood and ornaments in gold tones creates a rustic style. Combine these with natural details such as wreaths of evergreen garlands.
  • Gold mixed with silver– decorating the Christmas tree with gold and silver ornaments is trending. This mixture provides elegance and sophistication without sacrificing simplicity.
  • Christmas in pink-mixing different shades of pink will produce sweet, subtle, and happy rooms that are fantasy-like.
  • Decorate with Polka dots-polka dots will reign in Christmas wrapping this year. This pattern looks great decorating the foot of the tree.
  • Sustainable Christmas-more and more Christmas decorations are made from reused and recycled materials. A more sustainable, natural, and eco-friendly Christmas is becoming a permanent trend.
  • Traditional designs-hanging Christmas stockings on the mantle are making a strong comeback with trendy colors. Floral patterns, stripes, and solid colors are placed in different parts of the house.
  • Mountain home style-Christmas inspired by the mountains are created by adding a rustic wooden dining table, fiber chairs, and a linen tablecloth. Add wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces with leaves and branches as well as candles.
  • Classical Christmas– Red, white, and green are perhaps the most classic Christmas colors and they are here to stay.
  • Using natural fibers-Natural fibers will make the Christmas decorations seem more relaxed. You can add them through elements such as lanterns with candles.

This season we will be decking our halls with bright colors and recycled materials. The color theme for 2021 is all about adding joyful bright colors, in both traditional styles as well as contemporary alternatives such as magenta and blue. Adding to that mix are some of our vintage-inspired favorites. Due to the pandemic last year we are more excited than ever to start trimming the tree and wrapping presents. We are also seeing an increase in searches for budget-friendly décor and gifts due to the financial strain caused by the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean consumers are cutting back on Christmas spending. People are more excited than ever to get all of their décors out and begin decorating.

The 2021 decorations for the White House include American-themed stockings, large red gift boxes, and a Christmas tree loaded with family pictures. If you can afford it you can hire a professional decorator to turn your home into a Christmas wonderland. The average cost for this service varies between $200.00 to $ 600.00. Of course the more elaborate the decorations the greater the cost. Request quotations from different companies to see which ones will work best within your budget.

As Americans, our most popular Christmas decorations are still candles, garlands, swags, ribbons, ornaments, and wreaths. A new favorite addition to the holiday décor is the hot chocolate station. A small area of the kitchen is set up with a large tray adorned with ornaments and filled with different types of hot cocoa, sweeteners, chocolate spoons, whipping cream as well as other toppings. A tiered tray can also be included which would hold candy canes, marshmallows, and other sweet treats.

Wrapping your front door to resemble a Christmas present is also an emerging trend in holiday design. It replaces the wreath as the door adornment. It is an easy project that produces great results. Using a large, wide, wired ribbon is the best way to accomplish this. Wrap the entire door lengthwise and tie the ribbon in a loose knot at the front (middle) of the door. Now take another strand of ribbon and wrap it around the door horizontally. Also, tie at the center. Next, create a large bow and attach it to the middle of the door where you tied the two ribbons together. This is a quick, stylish, and easy way to decorate the front of your home.

Adorning your home with fresh greenery is a practice that has been in use for hundreds of years. Our ancestors used whatever materials were readily available to them. All that was required was a trip into the woods to chop down a tree, cut a few branches, and evergreen stems. Families gathered together to string popcorn and fresh cranberries that were later draped on the tree. Large pinecones and ornaments handmade from straw were plentiful and added a natural look to the décor. Boughs of holly were draped over the mantle and mistletoe was hung from the ceiling. This style of decorating gives us the feeling of Christmas in the past and conveys the holiday spirit in a charming way.

However, you decide to decorate your home this holiday season it is a good idea to see what’s trending so you can incorporate some of those ideas into your Christmas display. Have fun, mix and match styles and let your imagination take you to a holiday wonderland created by you!

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