Spruce Up the New Year

The New Year is rapidly approaching! If your resolution for 2023 is to
do a home makeover, we are here to help. Although it may seem like a
daunting task there are a few things you can do that are simple and
inexpensive. Some of these home fixes won’t take more than 15 minutes
but will have a huge impact on your home. While these may not
constitute complete home overhauls, they are guaranteed to accomplish
the effect of a home makeover in a jiffy.
Here are several home pick-me-ups that you can fit into your schedule
and take about as much time as brewing a pot of tea. Fit them into your
schedule whenever you have a few extra minutes, and the results will
delight you.
 Switch Out the Electric Outlet and Wall Plates.
Upgrade your drab, plastic switch plates with a snazzy cover that matches
your accent or décor. With the number of DIYs available, you may be
able to create your own design to match your décor. Purchase a plastic
plate and decorate it yourself using craft paint or decorative paper. Even
the most expensive brass plates cost less than $ 20.00 each. The effect
on the room will be eye-catching.
 Touch up Boo-Boos.
A coat of new paint can give any room in your home a fresh face which
is why you should keep extra color-matched paint after you remodel.
Bear in mind that you should choose colors that will help to sell your
home when the time comes. Grab a paintbrush and touch up
baseboards, door, and window trim. Cover those wall marks that will
not wash away. Use a drop cloth to protect other surfaces. The walls
will look refreshed and ready for the New Year.

 Change out drawer and door hardware.
You can upgrade your kitchen or bathroom by installing new drawer
pulls and/or knobs. Be sure to measure drawer pulls so you won’t have
to drill new holes in the cabinets. There are multitudes of cute and
economical knobs online. Your local Home Improvement center has
large selections of inexpensive pulls and knobs. Browse through
Pinterest and home décor magazines for inspiration. You will be happy
with the new look.
 Update your mailbox.
Kick up your curb appeal by spray-painting your old mailbox. You can
freshen it up with the same color or go for a bright new hue. Scrub off
dirt and sandpaper rust spots before painting with rust-proof outdoor
paint. You can also purchase textured paints for a totally new look.
This is an inexpensive way to brighten up your home’s outdoor
 Play By Numbers.
Decorative house numbers and plates give your home a custom and
classy look. Inexpensive numbers are a quick peel-and-stick; others
must be screwed in. They are made of many materials including wood,
plastic, brass, stainless steel, and others. Pricing varies depending on
the materials chosen. New house numbers will brighten your home’s curb
 Replace your Toilet Seat.
A new toilet seat gives you a regal bearing. Plastic and enameled seats
come in a rainbow of colors to add a dash of panache. A solid wood
mahogany or walnut seat makes an executive statement. Steer clear of
cushioned seats as they won’t last long. You will be pleased with your
new seat whenever you need to use the facilities in your home!

 Declutter Your Space.
You will be amazed how a 15-minute-a-day declutter can make a room
look like new. Cleaning off your fridge door will create a large, blank
canvas that will immediately brighten your kitchen. Gather mail and
important papers in decorative boxes with closing tops to hide the
mess. Organize school supplies in portable caddies for ease of use.
Choose a new spot to tidy up every day. In one month, you will be
amazed at the improvement.
These quick and easy home improvements can be done by anyone.
Don’t underestimate the power of a simple change. Step into the new
year with new beginnings that will make you feel happy. Remember if
you are in the market for a total home renovation, Scarano Architect,
PLLC is here to help you realize your dream. Visit our website or give
us a call today. Happy New Year from all of us to all of you!

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