Renovating and Remodeling in the New Year

The New Year is always a great time to start a home improvement
project. We crave a new look and strive to create a beautiful atmosphere
where we can relax and enjoy ourselves. The terms renovating and
remodeling are often used interchangeably, but they are in fact very
different. Both involve changes to your property but the costs and type
of construction involved are not the same. If you are thinking about
making changes to your home it is important to know which category
your project falls under so you can properly estimate the scope and cost
of the work.
Renovations typically involve some sort of restorative work. It is work
that revives a room or home without changing the layout. Renovations
are often used to add value to a home before it is listed for sale. Keep in
mind that renovations are often small-scale projects. On the other hand,
remodels include changes to a home’s structure or layout. They function
to transform a home rather than update a few rooms. Remodeling often
involves completely changing the use of the space. Below is a
comparable list of remodeling and renovation types.
Common renovations include:

  • Repainting.
  • Resurfacing cabinets.
  • Replacing doors and windows.
  • Installing new light fixtures.
  • Updating appliances.
  • Replacing tiles, carpeting, or flooring.
  • Adding/Changing hardware.
  • Replacing outdated systems.

Common remodeling projects include:

  • Installing a kitchen island.
  • Combining two rooms into one.
  • Raising ceilings.
  • Removing walls.
  • Changing the layout of a room.

Renovations can range significantly in price depending on the project. In
most cases, a renovation will be less expensive than a remodel. The cost
depends on how old the home is and how much you are renovating.
Remodeling will most likely set you back more than renovating because
you may require more professional help; most probably from architects,
electricians, or plumbers. Additionally, many remodeling projects require
permits which add even more costs. At Scarano Architect, PLLC, we
specialize in all types of home remodeling and we will acquire any
permits you may need. Check out our portfolio of completed projects on
this website.
Here are the major factors that you will need to take into account when
gauging the cost of a remodel or renovation:

  • Materials such as wood, paint, and flooring.
  • Labor, contractor, and/or architect and consulting fee.
  • Permits and fees, if required.
  • Appliances, fixtures, cabinets, and hardware.
  • Age and condition of the home.
  • Size of the space being renovated or remodeled.

If you are interested in a quick update to a few areas or to increase the
value of your home, a quick renovation may be just what you are
looking for. However, if you plan on living in your home for a long time
and you are not happy with it, a full remodel may be in order. A remodel
may have the added benefit of less cost of upkeep and maintenance
when completed.

Ultimately, the choice between a remodel and a renovation comes down
to cost, your family’s needs, wants, and return on investment. You must
compare each of these factors to decide exactly what you want to do. It
is also important to time your project so it does not interrupt your life at
an inopportune moment. Before deciding on which is right for you be
sure to know your ultimate goal and what you will expect to get back
from it in value and function. No matter which you chose, your new
space is sure to give you and your family many years of pleasure.

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