63rd Street

This self-storage facility project was an addition and alteration of over 150,000 square feet within three stories, mezzanines and a cellar. The structure is a steel frame building, used by both public and retail costumers. For this project local labor, craftsmen and materials were extensively used, creating over twenty permanent jobs and dozens of temporary..

Knickerbocker Avenue

Built to house the growing operation of a Williamsburg General Contractor specializing in structural steel and masonry sub construction, this free standing building provided the home to allow for his much needed growth. A modern design with crisp detailing created a statement and business icon that uses steel and masonry, the materials forming the owner’s..

Landing Road

Located in the high bridge section of the Bronx, this project explores new ideas for storage buildings. The concept of a big box has been used on this type of building before, but very often without the same visual richness. The overall composition consists of two main volumes of differing height and shape that intersect..

Shore Parkway

This new 3-story, 35,000 square foot new building used for retail self-storage, is the seventh building created for this particular client. It was designed to accommodate local residents and businesses by affording them the flexibility of having a place to use for their growth. The buildings’ justify prominent location at the front of the site,..

Glenwood Road

This 3 story, 100,300 S.F. Building is used for retail self-storage. It was designed to accommodate local residents and business alike. This highly successful retail venture was fully occupied with local residential and business tenants within weeks of opening. In fact, the success of this project has brought two separate competitors to the neighborhood and..

88th Street

When a marble and stone yard abandoned its yard and cutting facility for a more prestigious location, a self storage company saw the potential in redefining this property’s purpose. This realignment of uses permits part of the existing multi-storied factory building to remain, while a new addition is constructed to envelope the old structure with..