Commercial Complex

Bringing life to a desolate industrial block is always a challege. The conceptual urban masterplan for this large parcel constitutes the feasibility study for the modernization and re-use of an entire industrial block on the industrial outskirts of the historical Clinton Hill neighborhood and in close proximity to the Brooklyn Navy Yard as a commercial.. Office

The design for the company’s second location draws inspiration from the firm’s logo, specifically its orange color and pixilated font, which was translated into freestanding elements in the space.

Carroll Street Silo House

The design concept started from the analysis of the lifestyles of the two occupants; one welcomes people from the outside, but needs privacy once they are inside and the other is self-contained, but seeks stimulation from external sources. Inspiration was drawn from the inherent beauty and simplicity of the 6-inch thick exposed concrete walls, and..


The commercial / retail components are located on the cellar, first and second floors, supporting a hotel building flanked by the ten story residential tower above. Additional uses include large roof terraces for the guests and residents and generous corridors and lobbies for the hotel portion. The basic principles that informed the design for the..