Willoughby Avenue

This project is located in a commercial district at the intersection of Bedford and Willoughby Avenues in Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. The location of the project next to a gas station made the building visible from the intersection, this allowed the design to emphasize cantilevered elements above the entrance and glass turning the corner. The..

Heyward Street

The rising demand for commercial spaces in a predominantly residential district, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, prompted the client to expand his existing three story building to the maximum allowable zoning floor area. The existing condition of the building, however, proved a challenge in achieving this desired goal. Originally, the entire site consisted of..

Lynch Street

This project is the proposed two story addition to an existing two-story building, which functions as a Religious Educational Center. As a place for young students to congregate, study and interact, the existing brick building serves to provide a well grounded feeling, and the addition compliments it by enhancing the religious focus of this institution..

York Street

The first time you stand on the roof of this one hundred year old building with its skyline views of New York City, the Manhattan Bridge on one side, and a busy expressway on the other, you realize the potential of this site. The design for such a powerful location, which thousands of people come..

Columbus Avenue

Creating an interior that is noteworthy can be a daunting task. If you add into this the exterior dictates of the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission, you have a receipt for either a fabulous destination or a complete disaster. Luckily, the personalities of all those concerned melded together to crate the synergy of what is..

Apollo Street

Realizing the market need for additional space the owner of this modest Two (2) Story tax payer knew that to attract suitable tenants for the new upper levels he would have to provide certain key amenities open, column free spaced, large expanses of glass, high ceilings and oversize passenger elevators were just a few of..