Affordable Housing

Anderson Avenue

972 Anderson Avenue was a building owned by the city of New York and Maintained by their housing Arm H.P.D. Long forgotten by the city due to its abandoned condition, it did not stop a group of people in the neighborhood from binding together and renovating the building for their families. The organization turned to..

The Douglass

The site was developed through the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development’s (HPD) Cornerstone Program with funding by the NYC Housing Development Corporation (HDC). The site consists of thirteen city owned vacant lots and one private lot, and is a key component in the City’s efforts to revitalize a large stretch of Frederick Douglass..

Ingersoll-Whitman Houses

Our investigation of the existing buildings reveals that the twenty-seven (27) six-story buildings will only require a cosmetic renovation of the existing facilities. However, the eight (8) high-rise buildings will require a more substantial renovation, which will result in the net loss of as many as 75 units in those buildings. In order to compensate..

Huron Street

Completed in January 2002, Huron Senior Housing is a new 19,000 square foot Senior Housing Development containing thirty two apartments, offices and auxiliary spaces. The design for the building was influenced by its neighbors on the block, which offers an eclectic array of brick styles, stone and wood-frame sided buildings. Masonry and stone are used..

Parkville Avenue

This new 41 unit residential development is located in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. It is one of the first buildings to be constructed in the neighborhood since it was rezoned as a low-density area. Being one of the taller buildings around presented a challenge for the design in trying to maintain a contextual vernacular,..

Armory Towers

“The Arches” is a 95,000 s.f. adaptive reuse project in the Cobble Hill Historic District in Brooklyn, consisting of 60 high-end residences in three existing structures: a Church, Academy and Rectory, and one new building that links the existing buildings at ground level. New steel skeletons within existing envelopes were designed for the church and..