Rocket Factory

Project Manager/Designer
Tamar Kisilevitz
Completion Date
February 2004
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This project is a loft conversion of what was previously a factory building, located near the East River front in trendy Williamsburg. Our design for 75 artist lofts is an attempt to think outside the square ‘loft-box’ building, with its typical long corridors lined with doors.

Our design was developed with a focus on minimizing public corridors. Two central hexagons consolidate the apartment entrances at opposite ends of the corridor, and a central hexagon provides an intersection between those and the elevator, stairs and public services. These intermediate areas echo the form of the hexagonal columns on most floors.

The lofts were laid out to create a tight core of kitchens and bathrooms, leaving a perimeter of large open spaces, which are open to views, light and air, and yet are sub-dividable if needed.

This, in turn, consolidated the mechanical and plumbing shafts, reducing the cost of construction significantly.

A new elevator was installed, which terminates at a “sky lobby” on the landscaped and decked roof, taking full advantage of 360-degree views of New York City.