Landing Road

Project Manager/Designer
Robert M. Scarano Jr.
Completion Date
November 2005
The Bronx

Located in the high bridge section of the Bronx, this project explores new ideas for storage buildings. The concept of a big box has been used on this type of building before, but very often without the same visual richness.

The overall composition consists of two main volumes of differing height and shape that intersect each other developing a dynamic composition augmented by the sloped configuration of the site.

The aesthetics of the structure although less important realize a balance between form and function.

This building is located within a residential district and is conceived as a blank sculpture that calls the attention of the passing traffic with a somber and serene presence in the neighborhood.

Built at a cost of only fifty dollars per square foot, using a prefabricated structural system, the design was able to break the barriers of price for a building of this type.