East 51st Street

Project Manager/Designer
Robert M. Scarano jr.
Completion Date
April 2004
Upper East Side - Manhattan

This project is a gut renovation and 1-1/2 story addition to an existing 4-story brownstone on Upper East Side NY.

Our goal was to achieve the maximum amount of apartments without compromising about the space quality of the existing envelope. In order to take advantage of limited fenestration in the front and rear, the apartments are designed to have narrow entrance ways with a tight core of kitchens and bathrooms, which gradually opens up to capture as much light and air as possible.

The double height ceiling in the third and fourth floors is made to create flexible loft spaces. The large mezzanines in these apartments can be used as bedrooms, which have their own private bathroom.

Brick exposed walls and a special attention to interior details give the finishing touch to these unique Upper East Side living experiences.