BAYSTREET LANDING, NYC Commercial Architecture
BAYSTREET LANDING, NYC Commercial Architecture

Baystreet Landing

Project Manager/Designer
Robert M. Scarano jr.
Completion Date
Under Construction
St. George, Staten Island

Located in the Saint George section of Staten Island, the existing poured in place concrete factory building stood as a monument to the decay of the manufacturing and industrial age in New York City.

Constructed in the 1930’s and used to store raw materials, the waterfront structure was part of a complex of other factory buildings on the property and had the potential to be transformed into a successful residential development.

With large, family style simplex apartments in the existing building and specialty duplex apartments on the new floors this conversion and addition boasts both waterfront and Manhattan skyline views.

Designed in a style that would be striking and modern on the skyline, the bulk of the addition drapes down the original facade to create a union between both masses.

Contrasting colors of stucco and recessed balconies complete a facade, which is both eye catching and bold.