Anderson Avenue, Brooklyn Architect

Anderson Avenue

Affordable Housing NYC Architect
Project Manager/Designer
Robert M. Scarano Jr.
Completion Date
April 2004
Bronx, New York

972 Anderson Avenue was a building owned by the city of New York and Maintained by their housing Arm H.P.D. Long forgotten by the city due to its abandoned condition, it did not stop a group of people in the neighborhood from binding together and renovating the building for their families.

The organization turned to Scarano Architect PLLC to assist with the formal planning and proper financing for the project.

The building was upgraded to include the previously lacking heating and cooling systems, and many code deficiencies such as fire protection and hadicap accessibility were corrected.

A management and development company was selected as a sponsor, and with the help of proper planning and design a new stable property has been added to the housing stock of the city.