Maximizing Design Space

Most of us wish that the rooms in our homes were just a little bit bigger. In fact, the need for more space is the number one homeowner complaint. No matter how small your apartment may be or how large your villa is we are all seeking to maximize our space to make our homes feel more spacious and welcoming for Maximizing Design Space. Lack of space does not mean you have to limit your lifestyle. The key is to take the space that you do have and make it work the most for you.

Here are some ideas to help maximize your space:

  • Paint it white. White paint gives a room a lighter, brighter base to allow furniture, rugs, and accessories to stand out.
  • Choose Lucite. Floating Lucite tables are light and airy and don’t weigh down the space.
  • Add full-size furniture. It seems counterintuitive, but small furnishings can actually make a room look smaller. Larger pieces can also help hide unsightly elements like cords and cable boxes.
  • Think in vignettes. Create a floor plan that sections the space according to your needs, then consider the intended purpose of each area. You can create a breakfast nook, a cozy reading corner, or a gaming space.
  • Use color to differentiate each space. Monochromatic palettes can be used to delineate and separate each area of your home. Choosing different colors for each area helps to define your space.
  • Choose furniture that serves multiple purposes. Use a daybed that functions as a couch or sleeping area. A fold-out sofa offers a hidden bed for unexpected guests. Large dining tables that can be converted to smaller ones are practical and useful.
  • Use Mirrors. Clever use of mirrors in a small space will automatically make it appear larger, opening it up and making the best use of light.
  • Display artwork above eye level. Try hanging a gallery wall of paintings and other framed pieces as high as possible to give the illusion of a tall ceiling.
  • Accentuate the views. Whether you have a skyline view or a beach setting out of your window ensure the view by selecting low profile furnishing that doesn’t block the outdoor vistas.
  • Scale appropriately. Shop for furnishings that are specifically designed for modestly sized spaces. Many retailers sell smaller-scale furniture.
  • Ceiling color. Paint or wallpaper the ceiling to make the room seem taller. When the eye is drawn upwards it creates the illusion of having a larger room.
  • Glass pieces. Consider purchasing more glass items. They provide added functionality and do not consume too much visual space. Being transparent they blend easily with the room

In order to maximize your living space, it is important to use your imagination & maximizing design space. Ultimately, using your creativity and ingenuity will help you use your space more cleverly. Improvising the available space you have, while trying to create extra space wherever possible, will surely help you to realize your goals. Remember, when space is limited it’s important to be resourceful of what you have by making the most of your home’s square footage. Organizing and decluttering open up your home for a more comfortable small space living.  Decide where you need to start and begin sorting through your possessions. Keep only what you need or what brings you happiness. Having the space for those items you really need and want, will make you feel more comfortable and happier in your own home.

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