Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom is an integral part of your home. However, many people don’t pay much attention to their bathrooms. Instead, their main focus is on their kitchens and living areas. According to Real Estate Agents if you want to quickly and effectively increase the value of your home, then you should build or remodel a new bathroom by Bathroom Remodeling method.

Before tackling a bathroom remodeling project you need to have a working knowledge of what to expect. It’s important to put your expectations into perspective. Be realistic when it comes to how much money you’re willing to invest. Go over all of the details: the size of your bathroom, the quality of materials you want to include, and what you can afford. You may need to consult an Architect or Designer to see your project to fruition. Remember to set financial boundaries by having a well-thought-out budget in place. Once you have zeroed in on how much you can afford to spend, deduct labor charges from it. The remaining amount will give you the perfect idea of how much you can set aside for tiles, cabinets, fixtures, and the extras that you want.

Always set realistic timelines for any bathroom remodeling project! No matter how small your bathroom, remodeling it will take more than just a few days. It comes down to how extensive your bathroom remodeling design project is. Setting a realistic timeline is necessary so that you can make temporary arrangements while the renovation takes place. When you estimate the bathroom downtime, add a day for cleaning it and making it fit for use once the renovation is completed.

In order to prevent unnecessary delays, you should adopt a systematic approach to your remodeling project. Ensure that your contractor starts from the top and moves downward. In other words, he must start with the ceiling, then the walls, and finally the floor. The sequence will not only prevent damage during remodeling but also make cleaning less burdensome.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling choices, design selection and functionality must go hand in hand. In today’s market, there are many options for fixtures and appliances. Faucets, showers, vanities, tiles, paint color; this is the list of things that demand your attention and it can seem never-ending.  It can also be challenging to stick to your theme. Ideally, first, choose those items that will define the look of the new bathroom design, and then proceed to make the rest of the choices around them. Keep in mind that the bathroom is a part of your house, so you must consider the larger picture.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your bathroom remodeling project:

  • Follow all Building Codes and get inspections done as needed.
  • Remember to add enough storage.
  • Ventilation and Lighting should always be top priorities.
  • Don’t move fixtures unless you have to.
  • Try not to fall into trends that you may tire of.
  • Plan the right height for your sink.
  • Splurge on a few high-end materials that will add value.
  • Don’t make the toilet the first thing you see when opening the bathroom door.

In closing, it is important to keep your design remodeling project on schedule. You don’t want any delays if possible. Do your homework and be aware of all construction procedures. If you plan adequately and follow along closely with your contractor, you will surely be happy with your newly renovated bathroom.

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