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Robert M. Scarano Jr., AIA, FARA, ALA, President

Robert M. Scarano, Jr. is the principal architect of Scarano & Associates Architects. He graduated from CCNY with a B.Arch, BS in Architecture and Environmental Design, and engineeing certificates. He holds certificates in Construction Management, Building Construction, Real Estate Development, and Real Estate Finance from NYU. His experience includes HLW Architects, SLCE Architects, Liebman & Liebman Architects, and Costas Kondylis Architects.

In 1985 Robert established a sole practice in Staten Island, and in 1993 he returned to his roots in Brooklyn, where his practice is currently undergoing its third expansion since 1995.

Over the years he has employed many interns and young designers. His patience and his gift forseeing potential in his staff have made him an admired mentor and, in turn, have assisted him in the development of a unique architectural practice.

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