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  • Ellen S. Rantzer
  • Yuriy Menzak
  • Boris Bomme
  • Albert Faks
  • Yury Yagudayev
  • Robert M. Scarano
  • Denise Seargent
  • Svetlana_Khazanovich
  • Elzbieta_ Gutowski
  • Tamar_Kisilevitz
  • Eugene_Drubestskoy
  • Ilana_Kushnir
  • Nadia_Appolon
  • Roberto de los Rios
  • Jessica Renta
  • Stephen_Conte
  • Melody_Goldstein
  • Barbara_Lewocha

Ellen S. Rantzer, Human Resources/Office Manager

Ellen joined Scarano Architect, PLLC in 2004.

Although architecture is a new field for her, Ellen has 20+ years of experience in both H.R. & Office Management.

Working with such diverse companies as Warnaco Group and The Supporting Cast, Ellen developed office policies and procedures, working one-on-one with staff as needed. Her attention to detail has served us well, particularly during our immense growth over the last year.

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