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Baymeadow Lane

Baymeadow Lane

Project Manager/Designer: Robert M. Scarano jr.

Completion Date: November 2005

Location: Westhampton, Long Island

The client's search for a design for his new weekend residence in Westhampton presented a series of challenges. The 1.7 acre site is located in a wetland preservation area, with an unusual "L" shape restricting the building to only one possible location.

The flood zone required driving deep piles and elevating the house ten feet above grade. These limitations created a ramp 200 feet long from the entrance of the site to the house.

The design was dominated by a strong axis created by the long approach to the house and the extension to the canal. The house is located where the two axis meet.

Although comparatively small, the house gives an illusion of grandeur. The flow of the exterior circulation is carried inside the house. Large interior spaces afford magnificent views of the property as well as intimate spaces for the owner to enjoy. The open plan for the kitchen, dining and grand room gives a relaxing, less formal atmosphere to the house. A bridge connecting to the pool area enhances the second axis to the canal with a long and easy descent to the pool and garden. Large roof eaves, oversized windows, and classical touches ground the traditional design.

Careful handling of the restrictions imposed on the site, as well as its shape, helped to create a residence that not only adapts to the site's conditions, but celebrates each of them with playfulness and grace.