Project Manager/Designer
Phillip Fox
Completion Date
December 2006
Carrol Gardens

The concept for the interior design was Japanese Zen, which is incorporated into the design in many ways:

The lobby “brings the outside in” and incorporates nature: lava stone bushhammered flooring carried from the exterior pavement leading to the building; barrisol in highgloss ceilings (giving the feeling of “air”) starting in the vestibule and carried to the lobby; bamboo plants on the exterior path, ivy plants in the vestibule and keiri board walls (recycled sorghum plant panels) in the lobby; ‘random’ pendant light fixture by “Moooi”, representing the moon.

Open kitchen in a serene light blue polyester base cabinet doors and same color back painted glass for wall cabinet doors. Countertop on side of cabinets continues to floor – inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water”

Large living rooms are raised on a platform, inspired by Zen interiors. This gives a feeling of importance to the living room and helps separate spaces in an open space configuration. Floor are black walnut – inspired by the Zen. The uniformity of the walnut wood gives a clean design.

In bathrooms, porcelain tiles that are cut to 7/8″ strips, installed on the walls and floor give the bathroom a spacious feeling with strong horizontal lines. The faucet has a special feature of a separated spout and control that can be installed up to 13″ away from the spout giving convenience of use both for adults and for small children.