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The North star

The North star

Project Manager/Designer: Roberto de los Rios

Completion Date: May 2006

Location: Harlem, USA

The future of FDB will be steered by projects such as this one: Modern buildings with top of the line features, which are sought after by buyers seeking relief from higher priced areas in the city. With this in mind, The North Star does not seek to detach itself from its surroundings, and considers future ones as well.

The idea of contrasting the old and blighted with modern materials such as metal panels over a light stud wall and glass curtain wall was key in the fa├žade design. Stucco serves as a sympathetic element that does not overwhelm its surroundings.

With two apartments per floor and one apartment per floor on the top three floors, the ten story slender tower will enjoy amenities such as a gym and a bicycle room at the first floor.

Concrete slab floors spin off a central structural core that houses the stairs and elevators, leaving the apartment layouts open and void of structure, and minimizing unused circulation space.