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The Myrtle

The Myrtle

Project Manager/Designer: Robert M. Scarano jr.

Completion Date: Under Construction

Location: Fort Greene, Brooklyn

The architect compares the building to a woman wearing an elegant black dress. By day, commanding and bold, it is a fortress, protecting a fragile being. It is then stripped to its essentials at night, revealing its true insides.

With city and street life engaged from afar in every part of the building, interiors and exteriors alike defy the notion of escaping the city at home.

The building explores innovative uses for standard materials. For example, the exterior finish is stucco, which often assumes a “cheap” look. However, the black finish gives it a slick edge. An insulated glass partition and door afford the master bedroom at the top floor views of both sides.

It is this inventive thinking that gives the 8,000 square foot building its $5 million look on a $1.4 million budget.