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Project Manager/Designer: Tamar Kisilevitz

Completion Date: Under Construction

Location: East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Visit: ANM Funding

In an effort to achieve a superior ratio of space among three adjacent lots, a very unusual plan was developed. In this scheme two elongated buildings on either side of the length of the lots frame the eventual opening for the third building; which in turn organized the first floor circulation that leads to a larger, clearer public yard.

The lot lines are re-established to provide a logical yet intrinsic connection within the buildings.

A grid of steel columns set the basis for the vertical elements of the structure while a mixture of steel beams and pre-fabricated concrete planks provide the stability for each floor.

Each apartment is designed to include double height living rooms and main bedrooms.

A tight core of kitchens and bathrooms serve these areas and convene all major mechanical and plumbing shafts to attain cluster-free living spaces while reducing the cost of the building significantly.