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South First Street

South First Street

Project Manager/Designer: David Blaustein

Completion Date: Completed

Location: East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Irregularly shaped properties yield unique buildings as a result of the design challenges faced. The lot for this buildings had an irregular shape with a side tail of 20' deep x 25' wide, which required a back yard , leaving eight feet of interior space for the building at that point. This was not enough for a bedroom or a living room and so it houses the kitchens, affording them an excess of light and air as a luxury.

On the exterior this tail is visually separated from the main volume by a glass corner running the full height of the building set within a terracotta frame.

To make better use of the 25' width, there is a side balcony when owners can enjoy a morning coffee or a cigarette - disconnecting the terra cotta box from a seemingly "floating" concrete block wall.

Under the terra cotta 'box' is the entry to the lobby of 211 south 1st Street. The main box has a white frame to accentuate the proportions of the rectangular mass.

This bos is floating above a glass base recessed 12" to create a subtle cantilever.