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Marcy Avenue

Marcy Avenue

Project Manager/Designer: Robert M. Scarano jr.

Completion Date: November 2006

Location: Willamsburg

Situated just across from the Brooklyn Queens Connecting Highway, the intent of this 36,000 square foot residential development is to shelter its residents from the energies of such a high traffic zone, while providing a point of refuge within the green tranquility of the residents' courtyard.

With its 28 rental units and medical office space, the $7 million development incorporates an effervescent pattern of window openings to animate the façade walls from both the interior and the exterior of the building. Additionally, to simplify the design and construction only four window sizes are specified in the front façade. The aim of such a tactic was to allow the residents to focus on the pattern of the interior wall plane rather than be distracted by the less than desirable exterior views afforded by the project's siting.

The building contrasts the contextual rigor of its immediate neighbor and seeks to manifest the ongoing transformation of the outlying neighborhood. It's a vibrant but simple building for an exciting new neighborhood.