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Scarano Architect

Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue

Project Manager/Designer: Robert M. Scarano jr.

Completion Date: February 2006

Location: Clinton Hill

The lot lines are re-established to provide a logical yet intrinsic connection within the buildings. Therefore, the enlarged fa├žade area around the buildings allows for each unit to acquire more windows experiencing more views.

A combination of steel columns and concrete block walls set the basis for the vertical elements of the structure while a mixture of steel beams and concrete floor slabs provide the stability for each floor.

Each apartment is designed to include double height living rooms and main bedroom. A tight core of kitchens and bathrooms serve these areas and convene all major mechanical and plumbing shafts to attain cluster-free living spaces while reducing the cost of the building significantly.

The innovative curtain- window design will permit a large amount of natural light and accentuate the loft-like social area of each unit. Assorted materials such as brick, stone and stucco will furnish the building with an elegant yet innovative exterior which truly represents the units it boasts.